The beginning


When I tell people that I’m starting up a blog on simple children’s birthday party food ideas, the first reaction is HOW COME?

To put it simply, I LOVE kids birthday party food! My best memories of childhood were at friend’s birthday parties, usually at their house, where the parents would make a spread of homemade and supermarket-bought treats including party pies, sausage rolls, fairy bread, frogs in ponds, cheerios and you would eat yourself silly.

The competition between birthday parties was about which cake from the Womens’ Weekly Birthday Cake book your mother would make.

How times have changed.

I recently went to a family friend’s birthday party for their one year old son. They had rented a function room by the river, it was a circus theme and there were rides, animals, caterers, a fairy floss machine and kept thinking all this effort and money for this party and this child is not going to remember any of this.

Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident. Over-indulgent children’s birthday parties are popping up everywhere. It’s reported that 1/3 of parents budget more than $500 for their child’s birthday party, while 20% are stretching that to $1,000.

I even heard of a child who had a sushi themed birthday party! It’s highly likely that I would not have been friends with this person in school.

So this blog is to bring cakes and children’s party food back to basics. In this blog I will also revisit some of the treats I enjoyed as a child and update them for modern times, while still keeping the simplicity and the good taste.

I hope this blog provides you with some inspiration if you need to bring something to a child’s birthday party, or a school event. You can also bring these to the adult work place – you’ll be surprised how quickly the inner child comes out when they see fairy bread, or frogs in ponds.


One thought on “The beginning

  1. So happy I came across your blog! Kids’ parties were so much more fun back in the 80s and 90s. Totally agree with you on everything!


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