tiny teddy racing cars

Tiny Teddies driving racing cars… how is that NOT adorable!

I made these for a work morning tea at the very last minute as I had forgot that I was rostered to make something. There’s also a high standard of baking at my work and the naughty boy in me loves to shake the tree and be a bit left field – while still entertaining the masses. Needless to say these treats were very popular.

Because I have a slight OCD, I like to make sure that the wheels are all the same colour. I bound the wheels to the car using a chocolate icing mixture. The chocolate bar I used a fun size milky way.

Some people like to cut half a lifesaver to make the steering wheel, which is fine. I’ve chosen not to for mine. In my opinion, it doesn’t add anything extra to this treat but each to their own.

You can build on these, make them what you want out of them. Integrate them in a cake, make a diorama… the options are endless.


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