tic toc cappuccinos


When I see these little delectables, it conjures up thoughts of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

If you haven’t managed to figure out what the ingredients are for these Tic Toc cappuccinos:
– tic toc biscuits
– marshmallows
– musk lifesavers
– Cadbury white chocolate discs (found in the cooking aisle)
– crumbled flake to finish, or cocoa powder.

Melting down some of the white chocolate discs to act as the glue is key to making these tic toc cappuccinos work.

As previously mentioned, I’m very picky about presentation so I only used the pink marshmallows to match with the pink musk lifesavers. Peppermint lifesavers (white) can go with the white marshmallows.

To add the full Melbourne experience, I’ve also included half a mini chocolate wafer roll on the side of the cup.

The best part about these cappuccinos is that they hold by the handle! They also taste delicious.



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