orange choc ripple biscuit dessert

This recipe comes from someone who I highly admire and respect… my BFF! Trudy’s my dessert partner in crime, and we’re quite happy when we go out to declare if a dessert is awesome, or if it is substandard. We’re not snobs, and our tastes range from the cheap and cheerful to the decadently extravagant.

The project that I’m involved in at work is celebrating 10 years of operation so I decided to make a dessert to celebrate this occasion. Being time poor (and tired) last night to make a 10 shaped cake or cupcakes so I decided to make my her famous orange choc ripple biscuit dessert in a shape of a 10.

She’s made this dessert for years with acclaim from family, friends and work colleagues so it was my turn to do a ‘tinman’ version of this treat.

This is ridiculously easy to make and assemble. Ingredients: 3 packets of Choc ripple biscuits, 600ml concentrated orange juice, 1.2L thickened cream with smarties and shaved chocolate to decorate. I added vanilla extract to the thickened cream to give it that smoother taste.

The end product is chocolate orange creamy cakey goodness. For minimal effort, you get maximum satisfaction. If you like jaffas, then this dessert is for you.

Logs, squares and circular shapes are easy to make with this recipe.

Recipe and step by step photos to follow shortly.


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