my mini ice cream sandwich


Ever since I started this blog I’ve always wanted to make my version of the classic ice cream sandwich. I loved making ice cream sandwiches as a kid. It was my way of having a meal and dessert at the same time. However, back in the day I used white bread and no frills ice cream (usually neopolitan). Our family couldn’t afford the brand name ice cream but for me, it didn’t matter. When ice cream melts in your mouth it’s heaven.

Fast forward to 2013…

The ice cream is home made (of course!) but I wouldn’t hold it against you if you bought the ice cream from a store. This ice cream recipe is ridiculously easy to make and doesn’t require any churning or a fancy schamncy ice cream machine. For my ice cream sanger I have chosen to make a chocolate and port ice cream.

The sandwich layers are made of wafer biscuits. I chose these ones because they aren’t too savoury or sweet therefore won’t take away the impact of the home made ice cream. Plus I love eating these wafer biscuits on their own and eating them with ice cream makes them even better. Just make sure they are plain ones.

To decorate (which is optional), I’ve melted down some chocolate and drizzled it on top using a snap lock bag as a piping bag.

I’ll post the recipe for the ice cream shortly… but it consists of thickened cream, condensed milk, cocoa powder, melted chocolate and port.

To be continued….



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