red velvet lamingtons


Sometimes I like to set myself a baking challenge. Can a lamington be remixed?

It sounds strange (and very un-Australian) but I’ve never been a massive fan of the lamington. Logically I should love a lamington, vanilla sponge coated in chocolate rolled in coconut. Personally, I find them a bit bland.

After a couple of ideas, I thought I would try doing a red velvet lamington which comprises of red velvet cake, lemon cream cheese frosting and toasted flaked coconut to coat.

Red velvet cake when baking needs to be watched very closely as it burns very easily if overcooked.

Unfortunately I didn’t take into account one factor of the lamington… they need to be held to eat. With cream cheese frosting coating the while cake, this may potentially be a very messy eating experience. I was ready to give up but I was given a life line – the fridge! I placed the lamingtons in the fridge for 30-45 minutes before serving to chill which firmed up the lamingtons which ensured they could held like a lamington.

I’m not sure if I succeeded BUT they tasted very good. The red velvet cake with lemon cream cheese frosting has been well established, with the toasted coconut coating in my opinion qualifies it as a lamington.

Having the lamingtons chill in the fridge for 30 minutes before serving worked a treat in setting the cream cheese frosting.

I think I will have another attempt at these before I post the recipe but… watch this space as the red velvet lamington is on its way!


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