peanut butter rocky road


The more I make my sweet treats, the more I realise how easy some things are to make. I’m not sure why I thought Rocky Road would be hard to make. Probably because they charge so much for it at Darrell Lea.

Admittedly I’m in the middle about my opinion on rocky road. No pun intended. You don’t need a lot of it to be satisfied. But too much and it gets a bit sickly.

Rocky Road is ridiculously easy to make – only four ingredients and doesn’t require any baking.

This one is a peanut butter rocky road that I whipped up this morning. It didn’t make much (half a 15cm x 25cm tin) so if you want to fill the whole tin, double the quantities.


250g milk chocolate
50g dark chocolate
½ jar peanut butter
250g bag marshmallows
150g salted peanuts


Melt chocolate and peanut butter. Let it cool slightly.

Add marshmallows and peanuts. Make sure they are coated.

Place in the tin and stick in the fridge for 2 hours.

Take out and cut using a warm knife to serve.



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