chocolate egg roll cigars


My manager at work had recently welcomed a new baby girl into his family and to celebrate this occasion we had a staff morning tea. What better way to celebrate being a new dad by enjoying a (chocolate) cigar!

This is a pretty straight forward affair. The chocolate cigars are chocolate egg rolls (found at most Asian supermarkets) dipped in chocolate and then dipped again in cocoa powder to give the cigar ashes look. I wrapped the ends in gold wrapping paper to complete the look.

I love things that are very easy to prepare but tell a story, and capture their imagination. Making treats doesn’t have to be hard, I’m hardly a masterchef but I love to have to have a go. I also love something that doesn’t involve much prep work but ends up being the most talked about tasty treat.

Chocolate egg rolls:



Hand model (workmate) holding the chocolate cigar:



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