white chocolate and orange truffle dusted in cinnamon


i do love me some truffles! … and they are so easy to make. truffles are essentially chocolate ganache that has fully set and rolled into little balls of white chocolate goodness.

this truffle tastes like a jazzed up lindt white chocolate ball.

the orange flavour balances the sweetness of white chocolate, and the cinnamon adds a nice finish. in my humble option, this truffle is good for both white chocolate lovers and white chocolate HATERS.


220gm white chocolate chopped

75ml thickened cream

rind of half an orange

1 tbsp ground cinnamon

1 tbsp icing sugar



1) heat cream and melt white chocolate, i use the double boil method but microwave is ok

2) add orange rind

3) place bowl in fridge to set (1-2 hours)

4) when firm take out of fridge

5) with a tablespoon scoop out enough to make a truffle, then roll into balls (TIP – to stop your hands getting sticky coat them in icing sugar)

6) place truffle onto a tray / plate lined with baking paper

7) when done put into the fridge to set

8) when reset, take out of fridge and dust them in a mixture of ground cinnamon and icing sugar.




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