Golden Gaytime cake part 3 – the masterclass

Firstly, I am overwhelmed by the sudden interest in the Golden Gaytime cake over the past week. I’m not sure how it happened but I’m extremely chuffed and feeling very…. gay.

It’s pretty safe to say that I will never make a cake that will capture the imagination of Australians like the Golden Gaytime cake. The ice cream is a national treasure and while no cake will never replicate the actual ice cream, it was about paying homage to my favourite ice cream of all time.

Back to the masterclass. When I first posted this recipe 18 months ago, I didn’t expect the interest in this recipe. With this interest comes a bit of nervousness about whether I got it right the first time round. So with the power of hindsight and the numerous questions and comments I’ve decided to share some tips on making the perfect Golden Gaytime cake.

Tip #1 : The caramel buttercream should be as firm, but still spreadable. However you do this is up to you, you can either add more icing sugar or if you’re absolutely desperate, put into the fridge for 20 minutes. If you’re like me and left it in for too long, just wait for it to ‘defrost’ and re-mix it with a wooden spoon or regular spoon.

Tip #2: For the Americans who don’t know what Top ‘n Fill caramel is, it’s basically caramel in a can. There are youtube videos on how to boil a can of condensed milk and turn that into caramel which I believe is exactly the same thing. When I first came up with the recipe, salted caramel spread, caramel in a jar wasn’t widely available in Australia. Now we’re in 2014 and you can get a decent jar for $5.99 at Woolworths, I think that is a better alternative to make a caramel buttercream. Otherwise you can make caramel from scratch, if you think you’re better than Nigella 🙂

Tip #2.1 : I sprinkled a bit of sea salt into the buttercream just to break down the sweetness. Not essential.



Tip #3 : chop the Malt O Milk biscuits as fine as you can! I’ve seen a few Golden Gaytime cakes where the cookie crumbling is a bit large. I know it seems like hard work guys, but the cookie crumbling is what makes this cake the Golden Gaytime cake so do it right!

Tip #4 (for For the Americans who don’t have access to malt biscuits / cookies): if you can access a honeycomb cookie, or a sweet cookie that is crumbly that will do. I did trawl through the walmart website and I think this biscuit could work:

For the Australians who don’t want to use Malt o Milk biscuits, honey tiny teddies will also work. I just resisted using these as I didn’t want to see parts of teddies faces on my cake.


Tip #4: Coating the cake with cookie crumbling. People ask ‘how do you get the cookie crumble on the side’ and I answer ‘with great difficulty’. You need to be willing to get your hands dirty on this one. The great thing about the cookies is that it covers the blemishes of the frosting so don’t stress. Grab some pieces and plonk them on gently onto the cake. They will stick. At the end I like to get the fine biscuit crumbs and ‘throw’ them at the sides, I hope that makes sense. Let me know and I’ll do a video haha.

Tip #5: Enjoy. People will go crazy over this cake. I rebaked the cake last night as I haven’t done it in a while, and luckily I still got it 🙂







28 thoughts on “Golden Gaytime cake part 3 – the masterclass

  1. Do you think it could work if you only frosted the sides, then picked the cake up and rolled it through the biscuit crumbs like a wheel, then frosted the top, etc.


  2. baking today! will let you know what I think. As for the filling based on suggestions I am making my own salted caramel butter cream from scratch. I’m not a fan for the tin caramel. See how we go…super excited


  3. I made this for my work “bake off” and it was a hit. I may tweak the caramel cream cheese filling – the amount you end up with is way too much for the cake, I only used about 1/4 if the mixture. Tip around adding the biscuit crumbs- I crushed them and then sieved the really fine crumbs; I felt this left the right sized pieces for the cake. Do the sides of the cake then the top – it’s messy but worth it. Thanks again for the recipe and I will definitely be making it again!


  4. I HAVE found the easiest way to coat the cake with crumbs IS icing the sides first then, with the palms of your hands holding the top & the bottom of the cake, rolling it like a wheel through the crumbs. Then ice & crumb the top.


  5. tt, i made a large golden gaytime cake in the shape of the ice cream my caramel filling was 1x 250gm block cream cheese, a tin of top ‘n’ fill caramel and 2 cups of icing sugar, and trust me when i say this filling made the cake taste just like the ice cream everyone loved it, or should i say by the time everyone had their piece others were hacking chunks off to get to the centre, so try that recipe i am sure you will approve, mmmm i did enjoy licking the beater and scraping the remains from the bowl, lol.


    • Hi Therese. I did this too recently but what I got was a very runny filling. To compensate I covered the cake with caramel ganache, left it in fridge overnight, then covered with chocolate butter cream & a mixture of Malt’O’Milk & honey Tony Teddies.

      It too was in the shape of a Gaytime with a relatively thick white chocolate “stick” (I made my own mold from some cardboard & baking paper). My daughter, who does not eat cake at all, actually asked me to make it for her birthday last week. The entire family is still raving about it, especially the gooey filling – go figure!!!


  6. I did cheat a little more on the recipe I used a butter cake mix from woolies to make a test cake just to make sure my mum will like it as much as the ice cream and I didn’t want to make a cake for my mums 50th if she doesn’t like it. If she does like it I will make the proper one from scratch but I might use the cream cheese idea for the filling
    The test cake looks great thanks for sharing the recipe and for the tips


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