Oreo ice cream cake with popping candy


There’s something extremely fun about popping candy or pop rocks. The popping sensation in your mouth is wild, and gets more intense as it lays on your tongue.

Seeing Heston Bluementhal incorporate popping candy in a cake inspired this latest dessert.

I’ve taken his dessert and made it accessible to the time poor cook (me). What makes is dessert great is that you get the surprise popping candy in the biscuit base as well as the popping candy on top to give it colour. Be warned though, the ice cream melts very quickly as the popping candy reacts with the ice cream.

Oreo ice cream cake with popping candy


  • 1 packet choc ripple biscuits
  • 100g butter melted
  • 3 tsp popping candy (extra popping candy to serve)
  • 1L tub ice cream (vanilla)
  • 1 packet of oreos roughly chopped

Option 1 – loose bottomed quiche/flan tin

Option 2  (preferred) – round springform cake tin lined with baking paper, or cling wrap


  1. Place choc ripple biscuits in a food processor and process until it resembles fine sand.  (alternatively place biscuits in a plastic zip lock bag and bash until crumbled)
  2. In a bowl combine the crumbs and butter. Let it cool slightly before adding popping candy.
  3. GENTLY add the popping candy and stir them in. they will start to pop but you’ll get some pop left by the time it’s ready to eat.
  4. Place mixture in bottom of cake tin. Gently pressing down with the back of the spoon to get it as even as possible. Put in fridge to set.
  5. Combined softened ice cream with crunched up oreos, cherries… whatever. Pour into the cake tin / flan tin over biscuit base. (leftover oreo cookies can be crumbled on top)
  6. Freeze overnight (or 6 hours at the maximum)
  7. Take out of fridge 10 minutes before serving, clean up the sides if necessary, and sprinkle more popping candy on top just before serving.  OR have a side of popping candy on the side for you guys to sprinkle on top whenever you feel like it.
  8. Slice and EAT. 

IMG_0254 IMG_0253


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