Choux pastry – three ways.

As I further explore the wonderful world of baking, things that seem to be out of reach turn out to be very achievable. Case in point – choux pastry.

This blog post is my exploration with making profiteroles. There are a number of good youtube clips that show you how to make a good choux, the recipe that I used, and quite fond of is this one here:

Below is the choux in its naked form:


The first attempt, I decided to try a peanut butter cream cheese frosting with the profiterole coasted in white chocolate, drizzled with a raspberry jam. In a future blog post, I’ll feature the peanut butter cream cheese frosting as it deserves its own post.


The second attempt, has a cinnamon and orange chantilly cream filling. Chantilly cream is just a fancy term for whipped cream with icing sugar to sweeten it up. These ones are coated with dark chocolate. I do have an obsession with cinnamon and orange with dark chocolate. If it works… it works well.


Last (but not least) is my attempt at the iconic croquembouche. I just love saying the word croquembouche. 🙂 It’s basically a tower of profiteroles filled with creme patisserie (pastry cream) bounded together with crunchy toffee. I saw this on Masterchef and thought that I’d never be able to do this, but wa-la! I did. and I’m proud. Another thing off my baking bucket list. There are areas of improvement for sure, but knowing that I’ve got the elements there, gives me the confidence to try bigger and better things.




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