Halloween ghost cake pops


Firstly I need to say that:
a) I’m not a huge fan of cake pops (I’d rather eat cake), and
b) I’m not a huge fan of fondant icing (give me a messy cake with buttercream over a well decorated cake with fondant icing anyday)

So why make cake pops? Because they are easy and Halloween is one of those holidays where you can eat so much sweet stuff that you overdose on sugar.

I used a supermarket fruit cake to form the cake pop filling with cocoa powder and some melted dark chocolate, coated them in white chocolate (I ran out of dark chocolate) and used rolled out circles of fondant icing to make the ghosts. I used melted dark chocolate to paint eyes on the ghost.

These cake pops look cute and weren’t particularly challenging to make. For a cake pop they taste good, kind of like a Christmas pudding.

Happy Halloween!



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