Who is the Tinman? (About me)

Definitely not a foodie but a lover of food.

Grew up in the 80’s and 90’s in suburban Brisbane. Now situated in Melbourne.

Attendee of numerous birthday parties as a kid, which for me were the highlights of my youth. Fairy bread, frogs in ponds, ice cream cakes … pigs in blankets – need I say more!

This blog is a food journey back to my childhood, rediscovering the treats I loved and looked forward to when I went to birthday parties. I want to bring these yummy treats back from the past but with a modern twist.

I hope you enjoy viewing this blog as much as I enjoyed making the treats, taste testing, and serving them.

Instragram @tinmanstreats

Twitter @tinmanstreats

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4 thoughts on “Who is the Tinman? (About me)

  1. Dear Tinman’s Treats, I love your blog, everything looks delicious! I came across it as I also have the same wordpress theme and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind telling me how you managed to only get just one photo to show in your picture sidebar? Do you know a way of controlling what goes there. Mine really annoys me that it displays the pics so small you cannot even see them. Many thanks! Napkinplan


    • sorry for the REALLY late reply. I’m actually not sure how the picture side bar works. i think it’s based on when you link a photo to a post in the image library. i tried messing with it but then ended up having photos deleted.


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