chocolate peanut butter marshmallow tart




I’ve avoided making tarts, pastries, quiches and cheesecakes because I don’t own a food processor. this changed this year when I finally bought myself one and now that I have one, I’m LOVING it!

This chocolate peanut butter marshmallow tart is based this off a recipe found off website. I added a chocolate ganache on top purely because the peanut butter filling wasn’t high enough in the dish.  i actually think it works a lot better and my friends think it tastes like a peanut M&M. I was concerned that the marshmallow filling was going to be already sweet but it’s surprisingly light.

With a lot of things I make, I can always find improvements and in this case, i would have not used crunchy peanut butter in the filling as the peanuts sank to the bottom.

Like revenge this is a dish that is best served cold. Or chilled.

This recipe can be found here:



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