Red Velvet trifle (Merry Christmas!)


What do you get when you combine red velvet cake and trifle – red velvet trifle of course!

Trifle has a bad reputation for being ‘common’ but who doesn’t want to feel like a kid eating jelly, custard and cake together.

That said, sometimes you gotta take a dessert to the next level which is why I present the red velvet trifle.

Basically it’s layers of red velvet sponge, lemon creamcheese cheesecake mousse, freshly cut strawberries with splashes of sherry and chocolate ganache. The final layer of cheesecake mousse is topped with crumbed red velvet cake.

It tasted great. Not too sweet. Retained the elements of a trifle that people have grown to love and be scarily attached to but giving it a red velvet makeover. And who DOESN’T love red velvet cake.

Merry Christmas! and I look forward to another year of baking.



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